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3 Simple Ways to Go Green

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

You - yes, you! Have you ever wanted to do something about climate change? Have you ever wanted to say, "I shall be the solution to this threat to our planet!" Have you ever wanted to get started on your journey to "go green", but didn't know how to?

Well, look no further than Project: Going Green 24/7! The team can't wait to get you on track to becoming an eco-warrior - we have all the tools you need to make the much-needed change in this world!

If you are eager to hop on this road to tackle global warming with us at once, take a look below at some steps you could begin taking to green up your life...

1. Shop Wiser!

As you may already know from online sites and articles, plastic bags hold a key role in the ever-increasing acceleration of climate change - but why exactly is that?

In short, when they are broken down (after being dumped in the landfill) they produce greenhouse gases, which then get trapped in the earth's atmosphere and impact the temperature of the globe. Evidently resulting in a wide range of extreme weather conditions, it is vital - now more than ever - for us to begin finding alternatives to our beloved plastic bags.

Some recommendations the team have include:

2. Educate!

Another one of the main reasons as to why climate change has not yet been resolute is because of a lack of understanding by society on such a topic. Hence, it is up to you (the eco-warrior!) to fix this massive issue - and assist the planet in avoiding the cataclysmic effects of oblivion!

Whether it be through the simple act of putting up posters or wearing environment-awareness t-shirts, making the choice to spread information on global warming will no doubt be significant in elevating the knowledge of the public on how necessary it is to start fighting climate change as soon as possible.

Here are some t-shirt designs we love that'll spark some inspiration...

3. Innovate!

Climate change is not the only thing developing in this era - human creativity is too! Our problem solving skills have grown greatly over the course of time, with it being more important that ever before to use such skills for the benefit of our planet.

You do not need to be an engineer or environmentalist to be able to innovate - all you need is that spark, and the right guidance to help you along! Being advocates for the 21st century's trailblazers and pioneers, we at Going Green 24/7 are only too excited to provide you with some examples of the latest developments in climate change mitigation:

Overall, it can be seen that it does not take much to impact global warming on a global scale. All that is required is a will to make a change, and presto - you are on your way to doing some real good in the fight against the climate emergency!

The Going Green 24/7 team truly cannot wait to see the work you are going to do for the preservation of this precious, unique planet we call home. Good luck!

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