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Find the answers to the most common questions about Going Green 24/7 and Going Green 24/7 products!

  • What does 'going green' mean?
    In short, 'going green' is a way in which one attains an understanding on how to live a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable life. This evidently helps to improve our current situation (where the environment is concerned), and supports our planet's resources for our own use and that of our future generations.
  • Will going green save the planet?
    Yes - it definitely will! You may believe that the small actions you do have a minimal effect on the planet, but one small action (like using green products) can make a huge contribution in saving the planet. For example, the simple act of placing your plastic bottles in a recycling bin can contribute to reducing pollution, decreasing the amount of waste there is, and even improve the state of your own health!
  • Will it be easy to adapt to going green?
    Though some may think that going green requires immense change to work, making simple modifications in your everyday life can greatly contribute to the bigger picture of slowing down global warming. For example, switching lights off when not in use, taking slightly shorter showers, and even just reusing bags when you go out shopping can greatly reduce both your environmentally impact and your daily living costs too!
  • Why aren't some of the world's leaders doing anything about climate change?
    Though it may often appear as if our world leaders are not doing anything about climate change and global warming, they are - it's just that they have the lack of funds. As restoring the planet will take an enormous effort and many resources, government just don't have the money to formulate large-scale solutions to this current issue, and thus can only make minimal changes in the environment as of now. Although many currently hold the belief that our global leaders will not help in saving the earth (due to the fact that they won't be around when things really get out of hand), we need to trust that they will make decisions which will positively impact each and every single person (with regards to the currernt climate disaster).
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